Think Big

Mammoth View is a seed-stage venture capital firm focused on supporting a thriving community of Kentucky companies built by founders who think big.

Our belief

We believe entrepreneurs are vital to our community's growth, and we work to support them in achieving their vision.

Our approach

At Mammoth View, we work with investors, advisors, and strategic partners to help Kentucky founders build their businesses.

What we invest in

We invest in idea to growth stage Kentucky-based companies and technologies across industries and sectors, supporting exceptional founders who think big.

meaning of our name

Kentucky's Mammoth Cave inspires us; at over 400 miles, it is the longest known cave system in the world. While no woolly mammoth fossils or remains were discovered, it was named so for its mammoth size. The word mammoth, used both for the cave and woolly creature, reminds us to invest in those who think big.

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investment criteria

Mammoth View's anchor fund, Kentucky Enterprise Fund (KEF), is a source for pre-seed and seed stage venture capital-type investments to high-growth startups and entrepreneurs based in or interested in relocating to Kentucky. Learn more.

You might qualify for investment from KEF if your business:

Investment Process

Preliminary Due Diligence
Final Due Diligence
Investment Committee Review

investment process checklist

Learn more about the investment process by downloading the Investment Process Checklist: diligence items and tasks applicants can expect to provide and prepare in each stage of the application process.


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